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Invented and designed by experienced pros in the restoration industry, The Aerator is a patented innovative tool that improves and speeds up the restoration process after a water-loss event. The standard drying process is through wall-cavity drying: by drilling holes into the affected drywall. This process would require the use of a drill, usually working on hands and knees in a wet environment, and then vacuuming the debris created by the drilling process — an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous process.

Instead, The Aerator creates a neat 5/8” hole, precisely located and leaving no debris to clean up. No longer back-breaking work, the process can be completed much more quickly, cleanly, and safely.

The result with The Aerator? A hole that does not require cleanup, a decrease in potential workers’ compensation, a visually professional aeration system, and in less than an hour of use, The Aerator has paid for itself! Plus, the holes made by The Aerator are designed to work in conjunction with other industry-standard wall cavity drying systems.

Use it Once, Use it for Life!

The Aerator comes with a handle, a custom-designed flat-bottomed mallet, and a convenient carrying bag. Have questions? Check out our FAQ Page (click here).

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 7 × 9 in

3 reviews for The Aerator

  1. Chris

    The Aerator is a great tool, my guys love using it. It makes quick, neat, professional work out of preparing wet walls to be dried. It really is a time saver in the field with no clean-up required. Customer service is prompt, if you have a problem with a tool they take care of it with no delay.

  2. Keith Bailey

    Not sure how there aren’t more reviews on this, but this is a GREAT tool. We have 4 and are ordering more so there’s one in EVERY van!

    • jocelyn (verified owner)

      Thank you for the kind words. We are so glad you and your crews like the Aerator!

  3. Kevin Fisher (verified owner)

    Amazing tool!

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