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Invented and designed by experienced pros in the restoration industry, with a patent-pending, The Aerator is an innovative tool to improve and speed up the restoration process after a water-loss event. The standard drying process is through wall-cavity drying: by drilling holes into the affected drywall. This requires the use of a drill, usually working on hands and knees in a wet environment, and then vacuuming the debris created by the drilling process — an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous process.

Instead, The Aerator creates a neat 5/8” hole, precisely located and leaving no debris to clean up. No longer back-breaking work, the process can be completed much more quickly, cleanly, and safely.

The end result with the The Aerator? A hole that does not require cleanup, a decrease in potential workers compensation, a visually professional aeration system, and in less than an hour of use, The Aerator has paid for itself! Plus, the holes made by The Aerator are designed to work in conjunction with other industry standard wall-cavity drying systems.

Use it Once, Use it for Life!

The Aerator comes with a handle, a custom-designed flat-bottomed mallet, and a convenient carrying bag.

For Xactimate users, use WTR WALLH.


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Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 6 × 7 in

4 reviews for The Aerator

  1. Rob Davis

    Am looking forward to trying this out. It looks like it will save so much time and effort.

  2. Mary H

    We just purchased an Aerator for our technicians to use for water losses. After the first day, they came back to the office raving about how much easier and quicker it made the holes for wall cavity drying! We’ll definitely purchase another Aerator to go on our other production truck.

  3. Bill K (verified owner)

    Being an owner of a restoration company for the last 14 years this has always been a headache. It seems like when you hire new technicians it is inevitable that they at some point will drill a hole above the baseboard which creates extra work and lost revenue. Not only does the Aerator totally remove that issue but it also saves so much time and effort with the process and cleanup itself. We bought two and are looking to purchase another 2-3 in the next month. Our employees couldn’t say enough about this new tool.

  4. Mariska R (verified owner)

    I run my restoration company’s business office, and my technicians have been RAVING about the new punch tool we bought from Restoration Tools. There’s not dust (like there would be from drilling ULV holes), they don’t need to be on the floor and can stand, rather than have to lay plastic and have a whole clean up-this tool creates no mess to clean up. Overall, I love that it has saved me a lot of money in labor, and my techs love it because it has saved them from having to be on their knees when they do ULV holes. I highly recommend this product for any technician/business owner.
    -Mariska R

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